Why your business needs a MyServiceQR

Empower your business with MyServiceQR – the key to unlocking enhanced digital visibility and streamlined customer engagement. Our innovative service not only elevates your online presence but also seamlessly integrates with your existing digital strategies. By featuring on our specialized local business directory, your brand gains increased exposure, contributing to higher search engine rankings. Embrace the convenience of real-time updates on services and operating hours, directly accessible through a unique QR code. This effortless connection between your business and potential clients not only enriches their experience but also boosts your SEO efforts. Make MyServiceQR a part of your growth journey, and watch your business thrive in the digital landscape.


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Here are several reasons why your business could benefit from integrating MyServiceQR

Digital Accessibility

In a world where information is increasingly accessed digitally, MyServiceQR provides an easy and efficient way for customers to connect with your business. A simple scan of a QR code leads them directly to detailed information about your services, operating hours, and social media links.

Local Business Directory Inclusion

Being listed in a local business directory increases your visibility in the community. This not only helps in reaching out to local customers but also improves your online presence, as local listings are often favored by search engines.

Real-Time Information Updates

The ability to quickly and easily update service information is crucial in maintaining accurate communication with your customers. MyServiceQR allows for prompt updates, ensuring that your clientele always has access to the latest information about your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Providing a QR code, especially in areas like service queues, means customers can effortlessly access service information while waiting. This enhances their overall experience with your business, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Boosted SEO Rankings

The backlinks generated from the QR codes and directory listings contribute positively to your website's SEO. This helps in achieving higher search engine rankings, making your business more discoverable to potential new customers.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

MyServiceQR serves as an innovative marketing tool. It allows for creative ways to showcase your services and enhances your brand's digital footprint.


You'll receive one 6"x12" adhesive reflective sticker with your logo and QR code which directs to your business info page.

If you need more stickers we can provide as many as you need for small additional fee.

It's very easy!

Just send a simple email with the changes and we will update the page in 24 hours.

We print and ship sticker in 1-2 business days. Also you'll receive a QR code with unique page that will be added to our directory.